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Kirby's Adventure romKirby's Adventure nes rom - Yay, its Kirby! The innocent character Nintendo has been one of the best Nintendo games of all time. Kirby is a ball ... So do not really know. Only one thing is kick ass pink Deedee King because he has stolen the Star Rod, so that the power of dreams. Wow, someone who was crazy **** back in the day. Things have really unique in Kirby's Adventure is that you seek his enemies and have no power. So say an enemy the power to kill someone with a staff of stars added. Absorbing, press the D-pad and off you go, you have the power! Not much to say. I love this game because of the case to the power to steal. I really think it is unique and I do not think anyone has used since Kirby's Adventure, Kirby games, the other. Would not it be great to steal the powers of Bowers in Super Mario Bros.? Yes, it would be ...

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